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Where to Buy Ball Pythons for Sale

Ready to shop for your next snake?

There are a few places we recommend shopping for your next reptile companion.

Here's a quick summary:

Where to Buy Ball Pythons Near Me?

Big Box Pet Stores

Big box stores may be the "easy" place to get your first ball python, but when it comes to a high quality specimen that you'll enjoy for years, it's best to look to the reptile breeding experts. The big box stores often have regular ball pythons available but you'll be hard-pressed to find a wide variety of ball python morphs in stock.

Online Ball Python Stores and Breeders

Online breeders are a great option because they often have a bigger variety of morphs, they are reptile specialists, and they offer live arrival and health guarantees.

Here are a couple of quality ball python morph stores online:

Cbreptile.com - We like this site because they have videos of each reptile they have in stock. They are experts at breeding ball pythons in captivity so that you can enjoy them.

Xyzreptiles.com - XYZ Reptiles has a wide variety of ball python morphs in stock and many happy customers. You can get everything you need for your slithering friend at their shop online.

Reptile Expos In My Area

Reptile expos are a great place to see lots of fascinating creatures and meet breeders. However, they aren't readily nearby for most people. Also, the animals that are brought in for the expos are often very stressed and can be more vulnerable to disease.

Local Ball Python Breeders Nearby

This is a great option if you can find local ball python breeders because you'll be able to see the environment that the snake grew up in and also possibly meet it's parents. The snake may avoid extended travel through shipping but it also may not include a health guarantee. 

Ball Pythons Make Good Pets

Ball pythons are beautiful creatures, every one is unique! They are also gentle and easy to handle pets. The "ball" in ball python not only describes why its common behavior of curling up into a ball and also its gentleness. Other snakes may coil up and hiss, but not the ball python!

If you're looking to buy a ball python, you may be interested for a more specific type of ball python morph. Below are some popular ball python morphs you might be interested in seeing.

are ball pythons good pets? looking into a ball python face
what is a ball python morph? yellow banana ball python pictured

What is a Ball Python Morph?

A ball python morph is a blend of two different patterned ball pythons, resulting in unique and captivating colors and patterns on its scales. Most morphs are captive bred. The most rare morphs are double recessive, like pied ball pythons.

Types of Ball Python Morphs For Sale

picture of yellow and white albino ball python for sale

Albino Ball Python

Albino ball pythons are lacking dark pigment so their scale patterns will appear white and yellow. They often have pink or red eyes.

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patterned and white pied ball python for sale

Piebald Ball Python

Pied Ball Pythons, also known as piebald pythons, are a recessive morph that have a mix of python scale pattern along with stretches of pure white scales, thereby earning the "bald" in the name. 

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picture of yellow and black spider ball python

Spider Ball Python

Spider ball pythons are known for their large golden and brown pattern, including only a thin black element of design. 

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light colored ball python morph for sale online

Lesser Ball Python

These are base or co-dominant morphs that will contribute to color when bred. They may be anywhere from completely white to a very stunning color combination pattern.

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captive bred light yellow banana ball python for sale

Banana Ball Python

Banana ball pythons have significant yellow coloring, with some darker elements. A super banana python is the combination of two banana ball python parents.

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interesting design clown ball python for sale

Clown Ball Python

Clown ball pythons have a unique pattern that features a wide dorsal stripe, spotting on the sides, and unique, sometimes comical, design on the head.

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champagne ball python for sale is light brown with less distinct muted patterning

Champagne Ball Python

Champagne ball pythons are co-dominant morphs that have a variety of browns with a white belly. There are often dorsal stripes accented by darker tones.

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yellow and black firefly ball python

Firefly Ball Python

A firefly ball python is a mix of a fire and a pastel. They are stunning yellow and black pythons with beautiful patterns.

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a pastel ball python snake is yellow and black with pattern

Pastel Ball Python

Pastel ball pythons are a co-dominant morph with stunning yellow colors, green or pale eyes and white lips. They are favored because they are friendly and gentle and have stunning patterns.

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mojave ball python for sale at quality breeder

Mojave Ball Python

Mohave ball pythons are a single gene morph of the common ball python. The pattern that makes them unique is the flame shape on the side of the body that has only one dark spot inside, instead of 2 dark spots inside the light areas as seen on common ball pythons.

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blue eyed white BEL leucisistic ball python for sale

Leucistic Ball Python

Leucistic ball pythons are completely white with either blue, black, or pale eyes.

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yellow and black honeybee ball python for sale bred in captivity

Honeybee Ball Python

Honeybee ball pythons are a morph of spider and ghost morphs. They have yellow and light brown patterning that can darken to purple and orange as they mature. 

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Ball Python FAQs

Have questions before you shop for a ball python? Get answers here!

    Do ball pythons like to be held?

    Ball pythons enjoy exploring their surroundings when in the right mood. While they may not necessarily love to snuggle, they do enjoy getting out for exercise and see some variety.

    What supplies do I need for a ball python?

    Some of the basic supplies you'll need to take care of a ball python are an enclosure (see our recommendations here), substrate, a heat source, water dish, hide, and secure top. Depending on the humidity in your area, you'll want to have a way to control that.  Thermometers and hygrometers can help you keep track of what's going on in your snake habitat.

    What's the best ball python tank size?

    You'll want to get a ball python enclosure that fits your snake. Baby ball pythons can start off in a 10 gallon tank. 

    For a snake under 3 feet long, use a tank around 40 gallon size. 

    Ball pythons over 3 feet long will need 120 gallon size or equivalent. 

    For more on ball python tank size recommendations, check out our enclosure reviews here. 

    Does a ball python need a heat lamp?

    As cold blooded reptiles, ball pythons need a way to warm up iin their habitat.  We recommend either using a heat lamp or a heated mat if your enclosure allows you to do so safely to create a space that is around 90 degrees Fahrenheit, as well as have a cooler space around 80 degrees. 

    What's the best bedding for a ball python?

    The best ball python substrate helps retain an element of moisture, while also being safe for their scales and lungs. Coconut husk based bedding, paper, aspen or cypress mulch are good options.

    For the health of your ball python, DO NOT use pine or cedar, sand, gravel, fluff or pellets.


Collecting, and even breeding ball python morphs can be a living appreciation of the art of nature's creations.

Ready to see more ball python morphs?

image of a captive bred ball python morph inside snake enclosure